Introducing the Sony Portable Data Transmitter.

Sony’s new Portable Data Transmitter is a game-changer for event photographers, videographers, and ENG shooters. Offering high-speed, low-latency communication over LTE and 5G bands, it enables seamless file transfers, including up to UHD 4K resolution, directly to workstations. Ideal for sports photographers and run-and-gun teams, it revolutionises editing workflows.

The Portable Data Transmitter features internally optimized antennas for peak reception sensitivity, ensuring wide band compatibility. It communicates across various frequencies, including 2.4, 5, and 6 GHz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.3, LTE, and 5G cellular in both sub-6 and mmWave bands. This expands coverage by up to 10% and boosts communication speeds by 30%. Additionally, it supports dual SIM functionality, automatically switching to the stronger network for seamless data transmission.

With an integrated battery, the unit sustains up to 2 hours of LTE live streaming and recharges via USB-C in under 2 hours. Both USB-C ports support PD, enabling simultaneous charging and data transmission. Enhanced heat dissipation, courtesy of a cooling fan and built-in duct structure, ensures quiet operation and prevents overheating.

To learn more about the transmitter unit, including its features, specifications, and highlights, visit the product page for the Portable Data Transmitter.


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